Skillful forged, knightly blessed

Base: Florida • USA
Genre: Classic Heavy Metal
Title: Slavery Or Steel
Format: Album
Label: Iron Shield

Moving from the frigid land of Cleveland, Ohio to humid Florida vocalist/guitarist Deryck Heignum brought an unconquerable passion for CLASSIC HEAVY METAL.

He teamed up with master of the bass and studio engineer Stan Martell along with expert drummer Austin Lane and the three recorded 2015’s "A Dark Formation" under the band name Stormlurker.

The release by Stormlurker was critically acclaimed with its combination of Thrash and traditional Metal. Unfortunately, due to being under funded it never made its mark on the Metal scene the way it should of though a sonic representation is to be found here.

The three Metal maniacs got together again in 2017 under the name DUNGEON WOLF in order to record a more melodic and much more traditional album entitled "Slavery Or Steel".

German label Iron Shield Records signed DUNGEON WOLF in early March. May these legendary album gets the exposure it deserves!

Official release date of "Slavery Or Steel" is September 7th.

Planning on the 2018 release the band asked for a couple of early reviews to create a buzz and received the following accolade from the review site Heavy Metal Time Machine:
"'Slavery Or Steel' is the cream of the crop as far as new Metal offerings are concerned! Kudos to everyone involved with DUNGEON WOLF's grade A debut!".

DUNGEON WOLF is poised to make one of the biggest explosions with a debut release that the Metal scene has seen in quite some time due to the absolute original sound, top notch songwriting and production that is second to none.

September 7th, 2018

1. Hidden Dreams 4:18
2. Last Alive 4:31
3. Slavery or Steel 5:49
4. Borderlands 5:03
5. While the Gods Laugh 4:49
6. Dark Child 4:39
7. Worker Metal Might 6:46
8. Lord of Endless Night 5:27

total: 41:23 min.

Deryck Heignum (guitar, vocals)
Stan Martell (bass)
Austin Lane (drums)

2018 Slavery Or Steel (full-length)